We are a portfolio of brands reimagining how business is done. By offering more trusted choices, we create a happier economy. We think this can bring more health and wealth to everyone.

Like many good stories, we came to be by pure chance. Mid-2018, our founder left his cushy job to follow his heart’s yearning. In the months to come, he failed many times. He also met many people whose life’s work he admired. He wanted to find a way of working with his favourite ideas. At the same time, he needed to maintain focus. And so he decided to focus on what he did best: Connecting the dots. OxytocinGroup™ is an umbrella bringing together great people who build the future. We are a community of pioneers.

Here are a few of the things our people have done in the past:

— We created the first ever German mobile specialty coffee chain.

— We brought the first gym-sharing venture to the Asian market

— We developed the gold standard for offshore wind parks.

— We named and branded the first digital native MVNO in Asia.

— We launched the concept for one of the first global crypto-banks.

— We combined savings and quality in a top German luxury car range.

— We reinvented networking events in Singapore and beyond.

— We helped pioneer Robo-Advisory and Peer-To-Peer lending in SEA.

— We engineered the future of pet air travel for animal welfare.