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denkfabrik digital

Founded in 1976, DDX is one of Germany’s most prolific innovation foundries. With a presence across Europe and Asia, DDX teams with iconic companies to define the future of their industry, harness the cutting-edge innovation of global start-up ecosystems and lead the way in innovation management. Having squared the circle in 750+ successful projects to date, anything is possible.

drinkentrepreneurs singapore

DrinkEntrepreneurs Singapore is one of the island’s most relaxed and prolific afterwork socials happening every couple weeks and connecting an eclectic tribe of people from all walks of life. Since pioneering a casual social networking format in the city-state in 2013 its event landscape has changed forever. Mixing swanky venues with affordable drinks and a unique open-minded culture of connection, this event series continues to thrive through word of mouth. Having hosted in many iconic and luxurious locations islandwide it continues to create unexpected opportunities for guests.

oxytocinvoices - storytelling on transformation

OxytocinVoices is a collective of trailblazers and storytellers shaping the future of industries for a brighter tomorrow and thereafter. Ranging from eminent keynote speakers, masterclass facilitators and writers to board and strategic advisors, everyone is truly passionate about walking the talk and sharing transformation stories that have real impact, start the right conversations and champion the kind of change that needs to occur.

philippkristian - keynote speaker

Philipp Kristian is a Trust Futurist, Innovation Strategist and Author of the Trust Economy. As a global keynote speaker, he’s addressed executive audiences in 30+ countries covering more than a dozen industries on nearly every continent. His contributions to many of Singapore’s strongest technology disruptors and corporate innovation pioneers are the foundation for his deep insights on the future of work, intergenerational leadership, customer data, digital transformation and the all-encompassing role of the trust economy in evolving business and changing human behaviour.

TENCHA is Singapore’s home grown natural tea brand and a movement to enjoy the world’s best shaded Japanese teas exactly as nature made them. Focusing on iconic terroirs and stories of mother nature’s extraordinary creations, each of its organic ceremonial matchas and spring harvest teas embodies the purest, cleanest and most authentic interpretation of tea appreciation and its ancient cultural roots, reimagined in a contemporary, seamless and minimalist sipping experience. TENCHA is a silent revolution inviting us to rediscover nature and the self.

weslee trout - digital strategy, seo, customer experience

Weslee Trout is a passionate advocate for transforming operations into enabling exceptional digital customer experiences. Having built and delivered digital products and propositions for global and regional companies in Asia, he connects the dots between strategy and implementation of customer experience innovation and transformation. Exploring the hard and soft factors of digital marketing, agile delivery and digital experience management, he helps clients delight customers in the digital age and stand out with customer experiences that are meticulous, thoughtful and effective.

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